We Have a New Blog and it's So 2014!


Welcome to Rementes new blog. Isn't it nice?
Very "mid 2010's" am I right?

This blog will contain random Remente related stuff (and the occasional alliteration) and will serve as a gateway, guiding you towards people and organizations that are experts in important and useful areas; like psychology, motivation, productivity, leadership training, fitness, memory training and more. If you're even slightly acquainted with Remente you already know that we have a team of experts that fill the app with knowledge, methods, and tools to help you grab life by the tail.

Who writes this stuff??

My name is Jimmy and I write most texts for Remente. I will be the main author here, to begin with. We plan on having guest authors come to write for us and if you think you could write for us, or if you want to recommend somebody, reach out to me at jimmy(at)remente.com

Enjoy the blog!