Warning Signals of Unhealthy Stress

Do you know how to spot harmful stress? You may even have noticed the signals for a long time but chosen to ignore them. Many continue going forward stubbornly without listening when the body tells them to slow down. Paying attention to the warnings is important because simple actions early on can prevent much more problematic issues later.

Check out the list below to recognize symptoms before they turn into problems.

Sleeping. You often feel tired and without energy. You don’t feel rested in the morning, even if you have been sleeping undisturbed for a long time. You find it hard to fall asleep, or you wake up in the middle of the night.

Concentration and memory. You find it hard to concentrate and your memory fails you more often than you are used to.

Sensory impression and mood. You get anxiety, feeling worried and get stuck in negative thoughts. You get easily irritated. You get dizzy and become sensitive to sounds and light.

Requirements and time pressure. You have a hard time coping with what is normally required from you and feel like there is never enough time to handle your tasks. You believe that you don’t have time to meet up with family or friends.

Pain. You suffer from headaches, stomach ache, or your body feels stiff and tense. You feel pain in your neck, shoulders, and back.

Immune system and the heart. Your immune system becomes weakened and you get more frequent infections. You have a higher heart rate than usual.

Rest and recovery. You don’t recover as fast as you normally do. It doesn’t matter how much you rest, it's like you can’t recharge your batteries.

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