The Magnificent Method For A Productive Day

Many of us struggle with the feeling of having a lot to do, but not knowing how to structure and plan it, and much less know what to focus on. We easily become distracted and end up in a situation where we do most things half-heartedly. As a result, we become frustrated, stressed and feel like we have failed.

But there is a solution! We have a simple and effective method, guaranteed to make you more productive and attentive. It’s a great tool to help you understand what you need to do and to take action, thereby preventing stress and frustration:

  • Start your day by planning it. By doing so, you will see what needs to be done and remember the important tasks that otherwise could result in stress and worry.
  • Start with the most important task. Consider which tasks are most important and require the most premeditation.
  • Alternate between simple and difficult tasks. This is to create variation and prevent you from becoming frustrated.
  • Only plan 80% of your day this way you will have time to deal with unplanned tasks that occur during the day. Another benefit is that it gives you a buffer to complete stuff that took longer than you expected.
  • Focus 100% on your task at hand. Avoid multi-tasking and turn off distractions (put your smartphone in “do not disturb”-mode)

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