App Update: New Stuff !

Welcome to a new Remente!

You've heard correctly, a new version of Remente is to be released SOON!
So look out for that update button in AppStore and Google Play.
(don't worry, we will remind you)

Now let's talk about the new stuff!

So what's new?

We have listened to our user's feedback and added a bunch of stuff that improves the app greatly. Here are the biggest changes in the upcoming release.

It kind of looks the same?

Visually, the new version will not be that different from the old one. We are making design changes little by little, so the transition won't be super messy for old users. The goal setting and the to-do list will change this time, but most of the design will stay the same for now.

Access to courses offline

Remember that time when you wanted to read a course while on the subway but the app was like: Sorry, I can’t let you do that.
That’s not gonna happen anymore. All the courses and boosts we offer will be available offline, so you can read and learn even if you’re stuck on a cold-war-era space station.

Adding images for organisational and emotional bonuses

Remember that time when you built an amazing Lego castle with your friend's kid? No? Well, you would have remembered if you took a photo and then added it to your “Be an awesome adult” - goal category. And with the new version, you will be able to add photos to events, goals, completed tasks and more.

Syncing Multiple Devices

Remember that time when you wanted to use Remente on your iPad but it wasn’t possible? Yeah sorry about that, it won’t happen again. When the new version hits, just download it on any device and log in with your regular account and it will automatically sync everything.


Remember that time when you didn’t remember anything? That time was up until now, when the next version comes out, you can add reminders for every little thing you plan to do. It's great.

But wait! There's more!

Well, actually, there's not so much more right now, but during the next 6-12 months we will be continuously adding new features and redesigning the app to make it the perfect companion for self-improvement and mental sustainability.

Bye bye now!