Memory world cup leaders forgets medals.

The headline above is true and no joke (even though it is a little bit funny).
Last week our co-founder and memory guru Idriz Zogaj, together with his fellow brainiacs and team members; Marvin Wallonius and Emma Andersson, won three gold medals in the World Memory Championship in Singapore.


Well, that's not entirely correct because there weren't any actual medals. We could all understand if the medals prepared weren't made from solid gold like in the Swedish Olympics 1912 (they were quite tiny compared to the medals of today, but they could have done something. You can come a long way with some metallic spray paint and a hockey puck.

Who won what?

Emma won the junior gold in Abstract Images and Marwin took home two golds (I guess I shouldn't use that term if he didn't actually get to bring any medals home?), in One Hour: Numbers & 5 Minutes: Numbers.


We are a very proud sponsor and wish to offer numerous congratulations to the whole Swedish Memory Team! Hip hip, Hooray!