We Need Developers (iOS & Android)

Are you hiring a baker?

What? No, we’re not hiring a baker. Why would we?
We’re are hiring two coders. One iOS developer and one Android developer.

Why not? Do you hate bakers?

No no no, we just don’t have any use for a baker, we’re looking for coders who can help us develop our application: Remente. Available on App Store and Google Play.

Okay, so this job has nothing to do with baking?

Sigh... Nope, just writing code. Preferably Swift for iOS and Kotlin for Android.
We might eat cake now and then though. We need someone ASAP so write to David@remente.com and introduce yourself with a cover letter and resume (CV), or just write what you know, no need for formalities.
Or call him at +4676216933.

Then why do you have cake in the illustration above?

Everyone loves cake, I guess? Okay, it’s because it’s so boring to illustrate computers and smartphones all the time, plus it’s hard to draw a boolean. Please stop mentioning cakes now.

If I want more info on this non-cake related job, where can I go?

You can visit Remente.com/careers or click here (iOS) or here (Android).

Psst... If you are a baker and feel mistreated in any way, we sincerely apologise.