How to Minimize Distractions When Working at Home

By: Harper Reid

If you have the chance to work at home, you might consider it a serious blessing. Avoiding a long commute and being able to work in whatever clothing you choose is sure to appeal to the majority. Unfortunately, it’s also much easier to become distracted, largely because nobody’s watching and all of your favorite devices and snacks are within easy reach.
To get more things done at home, try the following to minimize distractions:

Create a designated workspace

The first step is to dedicate a room or space for your work. Having a designated office, even if it’s just a small desk in the corner of another room, will help you to feel focused, as well as reminding you of the divide between work and leisure. Keep your workspace tidy and uncluttered, and avoid decorating it with items that aren’t necessary for your work. It might help you to decorate your workspace like a traditional cubicle; stationeries and a calendar will remind you that it’s time to work, not relax. Before you start work each day, sign out of all social media and other distracting websites, or, if you find it difficult to adhere to your own rules, consider installing an add-on to your browser that will block distracting sites for a time period of your choosing.

Warn others in your household

It can be difficult for family members, especially children, to understand that when you’re working from home you’re unavailable. It’s not enough to have a designated workspace – you also need to make sure that the other members of your household are aware that when you’re using your workspace, you should be treated as if you’re at work. To this end, inform your family or roommates about your hours, during which they should avoid disturbing you unless it’s an emergency.

Set regular hours and use a to-do list

Having a regular schedule will both help you to feel more organized and help with getting things done in a reasonable timeframe. As for creating a to-do list - there’s something inherently motivating about crossing items off a list, so use this to your advantage. Either daily or weekly, you should set yourself goals and keep them in a prominent place in your workspace. They’ll help to keep you focused on what you need to accomplish. Remente is designed with this workflow in mind, so apply the app to your at-home work sessions.
If you treat your work-at-home job like any other, with set hours and goals to achieve, you’ll be able to appreciate the benefits that working from home offers without risking having to spend much longer at your desk than you have to. Once you’ve conquered your distractions, you’ll be ready to take full advantage of the work-at-home lifestyle.

Minimize outside distractions and noise elsewhere in the house

While being able to gaze out into your backyard or the street might be pleasant, it can also be very distracting. If you live in a busy area, outside activity will be particularly skilled at taking your mind away from work! Consider using or investing in a set of blinds. Additionally, keep your door closed (if possible) while you are working, and if there is a lot of noise in your home, try using headphones to listen to music or ambient sounds.

Good luck!