Can you imagine five million people watching a video of you? Wouldn't that feel so weird but perhaps great at the same time? I can ask my colleague Idriz how it feels because his TedX Talk from 2012: "How to become a memory master" just passed five million views this week.

Let's put this into perspective.

5,045 Million: Idriz TedX talk views 21/10-16.
5.084 Million: The entire population of Norway.
5,266 Million: The number of articles on English Wikipedia.
All these numbers

Idriz has had one hell of a week. Except for the five million views, last Saturday, he was on stage when one of Swedens oldest and most renowned investment companies celebrated their 100th birthday.

The Swedish Memory Team, led by Idriz, performed some sick brain-moves up on stage during the pre-gala presentation. Jonas, Marwin and Yanjaa don't seem very nervous considering the level of prestige that some of the audience members brought to the room, (e.g. His Royal Highness Prince Daniel of Sweden and seated next to him the Swedish prime minister). Kudos all around!