4 Steps to Battle Everyday Stress-events

Do you often feel like your life is just rushing by and you can’t seem to keep up? These four steps will help you manage stressful situations and help you slow everything down a little.

Whenever you feel stress building up inside, use the 4 steps to keep the stress at bay.

Stop - Slow down the pace, stay calm, and experience what actually happens at the moment. Try to take some deep breaths to calm yourself.

Note - Observe your thoughts, feelings and surroundings without judging or evaluating what you experience.

Accept - Accept what happens here and now, accept the thoughts and feelings you receive and accept that you can’t influence everything that's happening around you. However, you can choose how you respond to what's happening and that's where your active choice comes into the picture.

Let go - Consider and let go of your thoughts when they come and go. Let it be right now, be it for a little while. To distance yourself a bit from what is happening and not acting on impulse, you give yourself time to act and respond in a meaningful and conscious way.